Where the Red Tree Grows

Where The Red Tree Grows

Normally I’m not into contests.  In my day I’ve entered just a few and have done quite well.  One even scored me $1,000 back about 15 years ago.  I thought that was pretty hot given my green amateur status.  Now it’s been several years since I entered any of my photos into any sort of contest.  That’s about to change.

It’s not about the prizes either. It’s only about getting my work out there.  Getting a little recognition and advancing my craft to a bit of a higher level is my goal today.

From our World Wide Photo Walk on Sunday each photographer (over 6,000 of us) is being asked to enter their best photo.  There will be prizes and all that sort of thing.  I only am competing this time because, just maybe, if the photo I submit if found worthy enough to be even an honorable mention, that will be another step in the direction I am going.  I also heard a bit of great advice from Catherine Hall, the pro photographer who led our photo walk, that contests are a GREAT way to get known.  Can’t hurt, right?

Hoops? Jump these!
Stoic Like an Egyptian
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  • Bruce Chadderdon

    I like the second one best, although they are all excellent.

    • Keith

      Thank you for taking the time to do that Bruce.

  • Stephanie Allbritton

    I have to agree on both points, they are all great but #2 was also my favorite.

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