Review:Traveling Photographers Now Have ioSafe Backup

The ioSafe Backup Option

iosafe_backup_rugged_portableWe photographers fight this one a lot.  At least I sure do.  Yes I do know the calamity that awaits me when the terabyte disk inside my iMac drops dead.  So  a few months ago I finally bought a LaCie external and have at least one copy of those precious files at the moment.  The LaCie is strictly for attaching to my desktop.  It’s way too big and too fragile to go on the road with me.  Maybe the rugged ioSafe backup drive is the answer?

Today I was reading about the new ioSafe backup portable hard drive. According to the review of the ioSafe on Lightstalking, you can even drop this onto cement without risk of losing your data. Just the kind of device I’ll be needing next year when I pack up my camera & Macbook with a round-the-world ticket on an adventure like I’ve never been on before.  I have heard of other small portable backup drives and I’m not sure how rugged they are.  Does anybody know what other options might be available to hold all my RAW files on this trip which may last up to a year?  The way I shoot I’ll need a half dozen of them along with a great plan to keep everything organized while I’m traveling the world.



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The Getaway Car

Okay this scene just popped into view so fast I had to stop short and back up a few steps once I recognized what was in front of me. That guy dressed in black with the sunglasses and no neck along with the spit shined black Buick were just too classic to let go by without a shot. It felt like a scene out of The Untouchables with the getaway car idling at the curb. I suppose that the steep hill and those cable car tracks in the middle of the street give away that this is in San Francsico. You might also find another clue to tell you that this was in Chinatown.



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