Topaz Labs to Release Detail 3 Plugin

Sneak Peek of Topaz Detail 3


Screen shot Topaz Detail 3

Screen Shot of Topaz Detail 3

An email from Topaz Labs the other day offering me a sneak peek at the new Detail 3 plugin was intriguing.  Detail 2 is a plugin I use occasionally, although not often.  There are so many great plugins from Topaz and other software companies that I spread the love and use them all a little.  Yes, I have my go-to ones like Topaz Adjust and Nik’s Color eFex Pro, but the others from both these companies all have something great to offer when used in the right situation.

What’s new in Topaz Detail 3?

New tone enhancement sliders so you can enhance detail in shadow or highlight areas independently.  Masking!  With Topaz Detail 3 we no longer have to apply the effect globally.  This alone is a great help to avoid enhancing sky areas which usually blow up grain & noise.  Now you just mask out the sky or other smooth areas and apply your detail enhancements where you want.

If you have 30 minutes, here’s the Topaz Detail 3 recorded webinar to get more details of what’s new and how to get the new release at a discount.  This link is to a view-on-demand recording of the webinar.  Join the Topaz mailing list and they will email you the info when the new plugin is released.

According to the webinar the new release is coming next week and it will be available as a free upgrade to registered users of Detail 2.  If you don’t have Detail 2 then Detail 3 will be offered at a “significant discount” at the time of release. To me this looks like one worth getting, especially if you already own Detail 2, since it’s free.

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