Elk Antler Arches processed in Topaz Clarity & Lightroom 4

Elk Antler Arches processed in Topaz Clarity & Lightroom 4

When I wrote the new Topaz Clarity plugin review yesterday, pricing and exact availability had not been released. Heidi, from Topaz Labs, emailed me today letting me know that it is being released tomorrow and the retail price is $49.99. Because, I guess, this is a brand new product for Topaz, they are offering a special price of $29.99 through May 31st if you use the promo code claritynew, at checkout.

Clarity_box_clearDefinitely is worthy of adding to your Perfect HDR arsenal. Get Topaz Clarity here.

Today’s Perfect HDR photo of an archway of elk antlers in Jackson Hole Wyoming is another one I’ve put through Topaz Clarity.  This one is not HDR.  I simply took the middle exposure RAW file, did basic processing in Lightroom 4 and then used Topaz Clarity to add midtone punch.  I like the way details are retained in the midtones with the Clarity plugin. EZ PZ!

The Elk Antler Archways of Jackson Hole

There is a huge National Elk Reserve just outside of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  So, it’s no surprise that the locals have an overabundance of elk antlers.  Once there is one hanging over the doorway and fireplace of every home and business in this upscale town, they went looking for other ways of, let’s call it, “recycling” old antlers the elk have shed.  I prefer to think of it this way rather than the antlers coming from hunted animals.

If arches are good enough for MacDonald’s, then they are good enough for Jackson Hole!  I can just hear the town council proclamation when the idea was ratified back in the day.  So, at the four corners of the one-square block central park in Jackson Hole, now stand rather unique monuments made entirely of elk antlers.

The morning I took this shot last week was very gloomy.  Very very gloomy, and rainy.  I really wanted to show Mai the Grand Tetons and it was hard to imagine that the weather would be bad enough to shroud these monoliths which run a few miles parallel to the snake river north of Moose, Wyoming.

Yeah, it was that bad.  I have seen the Tetons several times and this is my first shutout.  RATS.  No great HDR photo ops here this time.

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    Wow, Topaz looks even more amazing than I thought it would. I’ll have to try it out.

  • J. Lee

    Topaz looks pretty good. Do you think this works as good as photomatix? I am looking to do some HDR work and want to find easy to use software.

    • Captain Photo

      Topaz and Photomatix do different things. Photomatix creates your HDR file for post processing while Topaz offers a bundle of different filters which you can use in post processing. I love the Topaz filters but they are not necessary to make HDR images.

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