Boat Basin - Thetis Island - B.C. Canada
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It’s been many years since I was on a ferry boat.  This past weekend, while and visiting a friend in Victoria B.C., we drove up Vancouver Island a few dozen kilometers to go see the remote cabin she just built.  The countryside up here is very picturesque and I could spend quite a lot of time here exploring with my camera.

The cabin is located on Thetis Island and taking a ferry is the only way to get there.  Because of that, we are at the mercy of the ferry schedule so we had only about two hours to spend on the island since we had to make the 2:50 PM ferry back to Vancouver Island.

Thetis Island turned out to be the most lovely fairytale getaway.  The scene is today’s photo I ran across right after leaving the ferry boat.  Fortunately, I asked to stop the car then, instead of waiting to take this shot on the return trip, because we were madly dashing back to the ferry.  There would not have been time enough to capture and keep this lovely remembrance of Thetis Island.


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  • Toad Hollow Photography

    Absolutely wonderful, Keith! You’ve really captured the essence of west coast living my friend. Those Arbutus trees are really quite something else, they are rather rare and unique. The still waters in the bay are so quintessentially coast-like! Great capture, my friend, I am so glad you had a chance to take it.

    • Captain Photo

      Cheers Toadie. That quiet and so beautiful bay called to me first. Then, after getting out of the car and standing on the far side of the road, those trees just completed the scene for me. No tripod for this. We only had two hours on the island before the return ferry so time is of the essence with all we wanted to see on Thetis Island.

      I’m always so grateful for the opportunities I get to be places like this and the bonus is to be able to take them home to enjoy over and over again through my photography.

  • Keryan James

    Very nice nature picture! If I remember well, there are some cycling paths in that area, my hobby 😀

  • Konrad Braun

    Absolutely stunning. I have been in the vancouver area a few times, but never did much exploring. My wife and I are talking about doing some exploring in August when we head out to Chiliwack to a friend’s wedding. Breath-taking!

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