Incheon Bridge - Korea

Incheon Bridge – Korea

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When You Are Stuck at Incheon Airport

For some reason I seem to find myself stuck in airports for marathon layovers when I travel to Asia. Either Taipei or, like this last trip, in Incheon, I had layovers of 24 hours.  Maybe I need to find a travel agent to book my flights instead of always DIY.  This must really bother me because I’ve written about it before.  The reason I’m even mentioning it again is because I wanted to post this photo I manifested while on a transit tour to get out of the Incheon airport for a few hours and see what the city of Incheon looks like.

My guide for this little sojourn was a Korean named, Grace.  Couldn’t be her real name, but they try to make it easy on Westerners there at the airport.  She was really sweet and guided me and another Australian couple for about three hours.  There were about 6 different tours to choose from and I opted for the Bhuddist Temple in Incheon, which turned out to be a great find and I got several nice photos there.


Manifesting the Photo

On the way to the temple we crossed this really cool bridge.  According to Grace, it’s the 4th longest in the world and was built just recently.  My spot in the tour van was next to windows but there was no way to even begin to get a good shot of this bridge.  During the temple tour I kept thinking about how I was going to get a shot of it.  When we got back on the tour van to go back to the airport and finish my layover time, I just hopped in the front of the van and asked the driver with a smile if it was okay for me to sit in the passenger seat?  He didn’t understand me but Grace said a couple words to him in Korean and he smiled and moved his coat, newspaper, and lunch from the seat to make room for me.

At least now I had a clear view for a possible shot of the bridge on the way back.  Siting in a bouncy van at 80 or 90 km/hr I had to set my camera for a pretty fast shutter speed.  This was somewhat of a problem since the clouds were very thick and light was at a premium.  I typically shoot in aperture priority because that’s  what you have to do for HDR, and I like shooting at f8, so I kept those settings and bumped the ISO up to 400 which gave me a shutter speed of 1/1500.  Plenty fast to give me a reasonable sharp photo in the moving van.

Now all I needed to do was keep my eyes open and shoot lots of frames as we scooted quickly across this cool bridge.  So I has the shutter set to high burst mode and hoped for the best.  This is the frame I chose to process and it’s just a single frame processed in Lightroom and NIK color eFex Pro 4.


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