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North Fork-Virgin RiverEven Beginners Can Easily Make Perfect HDR Photographs


It’s out.  The new Perfect HDR Workflow video by Captain Photo. Using the simplest, most foolproof, inexpensive, high quality HDR software. Its the best software for HDR yet and you can now begin making Perfect HDR photographs the first day you try!


Until recently, the best way to make HDR photos was with Photomatix Pro.  Photomatix is still the best HDR software made, but it still has one flaw.  The tonemapping from Photomatix always leaves a mess behind that should be cleaned up. Well, the most common cleanup software that the top HDR photographers use and teach is Photoshop.  What I’m getting at is that HDR software requirement alone costs several hundred dollars.  This is a lot of money for most beginning photographers.  Then there’s going to be some time investment in learning those two complicated pieces of software.  YIKES!  To me this seems like a huge barrier which is preventing hordes of people who love what’s possible with HDR from actually participating in it.

HDR Photography Should be Accessible to Everybody


My goal is to change that.  Everybody is an artist. My vision is that anybody who wants to express him or herself by making a fabulous HDR image can do it.  The process should be simple enough that it can be learned by a caveman in a day.  There will be only the best professional quality software used .. no cheap HDR is going to be taught here. Then. I guess the final part of my vision is that I want these new HDR photographers to turn out flawless images from the very first one.  Ha, what a fool I am, huh?


No, that’s not really possible. HDR must be done with Photoshop and it takes years to learn. All the famous HDR togs use Photomatix Pro and Photoshop, so you should too. Well, that’s what I did anyway and it took years to get it right.  Surely you don’t have the same tolerance level to dull pain that I do.  You want to make stunning HDR images and you want to do it today, right!  Now you can.


The video is just an introduction to how the Perfect HDR Workflow came about.  You can stay and watch it or skip ahead to see the full video of the entire Perfect HDR Workflow

Now go see The Perfect HDR Workflow video and learn how easy you can be making flawless images, like the one above,  by tonight!

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