The Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace - India

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The Ultimate Lightroom 4.1 Workflow Webinar

Tomorrow morning at 9:00 am Pacific Time, Jared Platt begins a three day intensive seminar on Lightroom 4.1 workflow hosted on Creative Live from Seattle, Washington. I have my seat already picked out for it and you can too. It’s free. With all the cool new things that the newest iteration of Adobe’s Lightroom product offers, I’m pretty sure that I’ll learn a lot and begin putting it to good use right away in my processing.

The Mysore Palace

This photo was processed in Adobe Lightroom 4.1 this evening. I was experimenting to see what can be done with a single RAW file. You know, there are just way too many occasions when it just doesn’t work out easily, or at all, to setup a tripod and take a set of bracketed shots to create an HDR photograph. Now, using Lightroom 4.1 it’s possible to make a pretty handsome imitation of an HDR photo.

This is the palace at Mysore in southern India. This is also knows as Amba Vilas Palace and it’s the official residence of the royal family of Mysore. We visited here on a day trip out of Bangalore. The bugaboo here was that no cameras are allowed inside the palace period. You have to lock up your cameras in lockers when you buy your ticket to tour the inside. Being somewhat of a rebel I didn’t. What I also didn’t know was that all backpacks and bags carried into the Mysore Palace went through a metal detector like those at the airport… that’s where I was busted.

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