Mormon Temple Oakland CA

Mormon Temple Oakland Hills, CA

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Mormon Temple Oakland – Stunning Metal Print Available

This monolith reigns over the East Bay from the Oakland Hills. At night the Mormon temple is particularly impressive and can be seen from most of the Bay Area. They say you can’t get inside… you know, unless you’re Mormon, which I’m not and I didn’t even try to test the legend. For me, it’s good enough to respect that and let it be. Getting up close like this was just perfect for me.

This photo speaks to me. So much so that I printed it on metal paper to give it an impressive inner light and makes this scene appear more real than life.  To make room for other newer work of mine, I am making this print available for anyone who would like it.  If you were to buy it here on the website, the price is $191.  I am letting this 20 x 24 inch HDR photograph go for only $150 to anybody who lives in or near Oakland and can pick it up in Danville. contact me now to make arrangements.

More from the Monterey Photowalk

So far I’ve processed three images from last Thursday’s photowalk with Trey Ratcliff.  One of them I posted yesterday and I’ll post another one tomorrow.  If pink is your color, stay tuned.  This one is SERIOUS pink.  If you’ve been the the Monterey wharf you’ll know what’s coming.

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