The Little Church That Could

Small church in chemainus, b.c. Canada

The Little Church That Could


This photo of the Little Church That Could is another of the photos from my trip last week where I met fellow HDR photographer, Scott Johnson (.. but I like to call him “Toadie”) who runs a simialar blog featuring yummy limited edition photos of his island of Vancouver… Toad Hollow Photography .  

Getting “Stuck” in My Art

I’ve been flummoxed this week. It’s caused me to not post any photos for a few days and that’s not my intention. There are two photos that I’m working on, intending to finish and post as usual. But both of these photos have me scratching my head. Neither of them are finished yet and I usually can finish a photo in about two hours, unless there is wine and candle light involved.  In that case it could take longer.

The two photos that I’m stuck on do push my edges and that sort of makes me uneasy.  They are putting me out of my comfort zone.   There are places to go with both of these images where I have never gone before, kind of like the crew of the Starship Enterprise… exploring strange new worlds and all.  I’ve shared this with Mai and she is helping me through this stuck place and that is now really pushing my boundaries of where I feel artistically safe.  Expanding my boundaries is a more precise term for what I mean.  Mai sees things that I don’t.  That is so great!

The photo I’m currently stuck with just won’t come together.  After all my processing, something is still missing.  I feel the photo calls for something else and what that ‘something else’ might be is just not manifesting. The same thing happened to me last week too.  There is a photo of a castle up in Victoria that Toadie recommended I shoot which also is not coming together into a finished photograph.  Stuck.

So anyway, feeling guilty about not posting much this week, this photo of a small church in Chemainus, B.C. is going to feed my blog today. It’s a color version from a different angle of the church I posted earlier in black & white. It’s not that this photo is any”less than” or is just being tossed in to fill space on the blog. No, this photo is just fine and a good HDR stylization of what I saw, and it’s safe.  It doesn’t push my edges artistically.

Today I’m going back in and see if I can finish up at least one of those two “un-safe”photos. What I have to remember always is to not be attached to the outcome.  Nobody hires me to photograph the things that I do. If I see something that’s interesting to me I’ll point the camera at it and work out the processing of it later.  I make my photos really to please me and if you like them too, then that’s great. 

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    Thank you so much for your kind mention, Keith, it’s really a huge honor for us coming from you! As I mentioned in your previous post, this wonderful little church is one of our favorites on the island. I’ve been meaning to shoot this door myself, the great details and tones from the wood make for a great element in the scene. I love your treatment of it here, absolutely sympathetic to the subject my friend, well done!!

    • Captain Photo

      That door is the thing! That’s what I saw when we parked across the street, the door was simply glowing in the afternoon light. It was my first shot in town. Cheers Toadie!

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