San Francisco from the Exploratorium - HDR photo

San Francisco Skyline from The Exporatorium

Let the Google+ Party Begin!

About 60 of us gathered at the Ferry Building for an evening photowalk in San Francisco.  The idea was to celebrate the 2 year anniversary of Google Plus. This particular social network is fabulous for photographers and most of us have all but left Facebook to claim our space and establish a presence in G+.

Captain Photo via Google Glass

Captain Photo | Photo by Karthik Nagaraj and his Google Glass

Photowalks are really great fun.  I get to re-acquaint myself with those I’ve met on prior walks and meet new people too.  Along the way we laugh and enjoy our pursuit of taking pictures.  Some use big professional cameras while others tote only an iPhone.  We all get along in the name of photography and afterwards post some of our best photos online, on Google Plus, of course!.  On this walk I particularly liked meeting a couple of engineers from Google wearing their Google Glass!  I even got my picture taken by one of them!

These photowalks happen fairly often and they are always free.  So, if you have any interest in joining in, you can add me to a circle on G+ and I’ll usually say something about photowalks I hear of that are happening in Northern California, where I live.  Those of you who live elsewhere, just get on G+ and if you poke around just a little, you should be able to find them near you too.  This perticular potowalk was one of the larger ones and had participating  photowalks in cities around the world.

On this page are my best shots from this G+ photowalk. All were processed in Lightroom using the Perfect HDR Workflow. The shot of the San Francisco skyline at the top of the page seems to be the most popular one judging from the +1’s it gets, although it’s not my favorite:


Twisty Sculpture Near Fisherman’s Wharf

Hillstone Restaurant - San Francisco Processed using the Perfect HDR Workflow

Hillstone Restaurant – San Francisco Processed using the Perfect HDR Workflow

Children playing on the embarcadero-hdr-photo


Kitty Kat Party Boat at Pier 39 - San Francisco-hdr-photo

Kitty Kat Party Boat at Pier 39 – San Francisco

coka cola vending machines-hdr-photo

It’s The Real Thing


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  • Richard Benton

    I like HDR.

  • Stacey

    I was flicking through some blog posts and came accross this one, the photo’s are stunning. The twisty sculpture and the coke machines are my personal favourites.
    The idea of a photowalk is such a good one. We sometimes forget the beauty in the things we see everyday. Thanks

  • ed

    I love the outdoor restaurant scene. Awesome photos.

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