The Glacier’s Aren’t Gone Yet

Glaciers at Kamechak Bay, Alaska

That one day I spent photographing in and around Homer, Alaska was just awesome!  It was the day that I took the day off from fishing while my buddies went out for halibut and king salmon.  We had already caught enough Silver Salmon up on the  Kenai that week so I was really more interested in poking around the area with my camera by myself.

You can hire a small plane to fly over the glaciers if you like.  A few years ago I did that and it was spectacular!  Today I stuck around on the ground and, instead of flying up close, the 200 mm lens got me this shot of some of the glaciers.

  • Devendra dube

    dear friend/sir- i am a photojournalist from bhopal, india. these are amazing effects. can i also do this. tell me something about this

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