The Flatirons at Sunset, Boulder Colorado


Flatirons at Sunset - Boulder, Colorado

Flatirons at Sunset – Boulder, Colorado

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The Flatirons from Chatauqua Park

It’s my daughter’s senior year at the University of Colorado in Boulder. This year I decided it would be fun to take a road trip together to move her back to school and into her apartment in Boulder. On the drive Ashley asked me if I would repeat what I did last year and donate a photograph to her upcoming Red Dress Gala that her sorority, Alpha Phi, sponsors every September.

That’s a no-brainer for me. Of course I’d love to help her out and do what I can for her Alpha Phi charitable fundraiser. While my brain started going through the photos I’ve done recently that would be appropriate for this event she suggested that I take a shot of something local in Boulder. Then she specifically suggested a photo of the school mascot, Ralphie the buffalo.

Ralphie comes to all the football games and is dearly loved. Since I had only two days in Boulder and no football games during that time, what we decided to do was get a shot of the bronze Ralphie who lies at the entrance of the football stadium. Before heading out to shoot Ralphie, I asked Ashley’s roommate, Kelly, if she could recommend any iconic local places to photograph for this little project of ours. She said to go to Chautauqua Park and shoot the Flatirons.

Chautauqua Park was only a mile or so away so we went up there at Sunset… we shot… and this is the result. The iconic Flatirons on the left and a stunning sunset compete with sunrays filling in the scene. I’m happy with it so am going to print and ship this nice photograph off to her to include in the Alpha Phi Red Dress Gala silent auction at the end of September.

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  • Marci

    Hello! I found this gorgeous photo via Creative Commons. I am looking to make sure it actually has a creative commons license. I would love to use it for our website and would like to avoid stealing it from the photographer.

    • Captain Photo

      Yes Marci, all my photos are creative commons. This means they are free to use for personal use and personal websites as long as you link back to the page you found it and give me attribution on your content. For commercial use, such as on a website that sells things or has a profit motive, please contact me about licensing the image. We’ll negotiate something that feels good to both of us.

  • Steven B.

    Beautiful, love that whole area, as well as Eldorado canyon!

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