The Belle of San Juan Bautista

Belle of Mission San Juan Bautista

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Lightroon 4.1 Workflow on Creative Live

Today is day one of three on featuring Jared platt who is blowing minds teaching workflow in Lightroom 4.1.  I’m a little dizzy from everything, but I took good notes and the entire course is available for sale too.  Plus, on the air right now is a replay of the entire day with Jared.  He taught all about how to configure your entire workflow and backups.  He’s a smart guy and there was just a ton of information presented today.  The really great part was learning how to select and develop hundreds of images in only an hour or more!  Unbelievable how quick it can be done.  He was some Lightroom presets for sale cheap too.  I went ahead and bought them because at the 50% discount they were only $20.  You can get his presets at and the discount code, which is good for about another week, is jplive2012.  How long would it have taken me to program all of those presets?  When class resumes in the morning at Noon EDT I’ll be there with my brain freshened up as long as I get myself to bed soon.


Belle of San Juan Bautista

This statue is in front of the church at mission San Juan Bautista.  At first glance she looks like a ghost.  Even now, after spending a lot of time processing her, she still takes on a very strange appearance to me.  In reality I think all she is doing is harvesting some corn from the adjacent field.  Maybe it’s a zombie that she reminds me of.  How about you?

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