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Multi-Frame iPhone Apps

This used to happen to me all the time.  I’d take a shot with my iPhone and while it was saving the photo and I couldn’t take another shot until that finished, I would miss another two shots that would have been better.  After enough aggravation I looked for an app where I could shoot frame faster, just like I can do on my DSLR.  So I found a couple and wanted to share that with you in case you have experienced the same thing.

gorillacam iphone appGorillacam is a FREE iPhone app and it does a lot of things well, including time lapse photography on your iPhone.  It also features anti-shake which will make all your shots al lot clearer because the shutter won’t fire until the app detects that the coffee you drank this morning isn’t shaking your hands enough to blur the photo.  The other cool feature is the “press-anywhere to shoot.”  This is for those of us who just can’t find the spot to push quickly enough when in a fast shooting situation or having to hold the camera awkwardly.


The reason we’re discussing Gorillacam here though is that it has a couple of multiframe modes that I find very nice.  You can set it for a 3-frame burst which spaces the pictures out about 1 second between frames.   The multi-frame mode I like much better is the push-and-hold burst mode.  If you simply keep your finger on the screen it will take an unlimited number of frames in more rapid succession than the fixed 3-frame-brust setting does.  In this mode it will take almost 2 frames a second so if you’ve anticipated the action and taken a shot too early, just by keeping your finger on the screen it’ll continue taking photos and you have a great chance of capturing the right moment.  Get this FREE app now and put it into a “Cameras” folder on your home screen. Your iPhonephraphy will now have a nice new shooting option when the need arises.


burst mode iphone appThis app does exactly what it implies.  The Burst Mode Camera app can take up to a lightening fast 24 frames a second!  This speed setting is adjustable if you don’t need that kind of speed but still want more frames to choose from than 2 per second.  It’s a specialized app and you may not need it like I do.  Some of my photography work is with golfers and, with this app, I can easily record a very granular sequence of their swing.  I feel that if you do any engagement in any fast action sports shooting with your iPhone you may find this app useful to really capture the perfect moment and come home with a fabulous shot.  The app costs $1.99 so I’d get it only if you really need this kind of speed.  Otherwise the FREE Gorillacam app will probably work just fine for you.

More iPhone Fun!

iPhone photography is so much fun!  I play with it all the time. There is even a full section on my website about iPhonepgraphy if you are interested in learning more about some of the cooler apps and how to use them.  Check it out!


Sri Navaneetha Krishnar Temple

Unwelcoming Front Door-near Mysore India

Can you imagine that you’re out having a few beers at the pubs in town and stumbling home late at night to be greeted by this as your front door?  Not a very inviting welcome home Daddy.  This is one of the huge set of double doors at the entry of the Sri Navaneetha Krishnar Temple on the road between Bangalore and Mysore, India.  It was a stopping point on a day trip to visit the majestic Palace at Mysore and the interior of this temple was amazing.  I was photographing it merrily away when one of my friends pointed out a small sign asking that there be no photography.  Oops.

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