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Sydney Opera House on My iPhone

Sydney opera house on my iphone

Sydney opera house on my iPhone.
Processed with apps; Blender, Scratch Cam, and Dynamic Light.

Improving Sydney Opera House photo on My iPhone

Shooting into the sun from the ferry, the Sydney opera house photo was very flat. The photo needed a lot of work if I wanted to even bother saving it. It just wasn’t pretty, yet, there was some potential I saw in it.

So to experiment I thought I’d try blending it with another photo using the app called Blender. The photo I used to blend with was this close up of some icky drippy seaweed I found on the beach one day. Yes, now this photo looks more promising!

Next I wanted to grunge it up a little bit. I took this photo into the Scratch Cam app and started randomizing looks. You just keep hitting the randomize button until you get a look you like.

The final image was achieved in the app called Dynamic Light. Once again, randomizing looks gave me what I wanted quickly.

The three apps I used to create this photo I use all the time. I would recommend getting them if you don’t have them already. You might want to put them in the folder right next to your camera app so you don’t forget to use them because you never know what you’re going to get. It’s kind a like a box of chocolates

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  • Matt

    You’ve ended up with quite a nice image, without too much editing. Well the apps do the hard graft. But I think these apps are taking away some of the craft from photography. Less and less people carry cameras, they just rely on their phones.

  • Arimal

    Really good editing, I still can’t figure out how you did it with those apps. What kind of effect did you apply to the sun by the way?

  • Reply

    Really good editing. It is tempting me.

  • Shree Vella Photography

    Those apps did a really fantastic job on your photo! Im really impressed! Thanks 😉

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