Summertime at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco

Legion of Honor in the Fog

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The Backwards San Francisco Weather

Was it Mark Twain who said; “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco?” This is why that might have occurred to him. It’s something that locals know and cherish and that tourists are clueless about. Summer is the worst weather here in San Francisco the best time of year is September through November when we have a prolonged Indian Summer and it’s simply gorgeous.

This building, the Legion of Honor is out near the beach. So when our legendary and beloved fog rolls in, as it pretty much does daily in the summer, we get this.  Drizzle, light rain, thick fog.  As you get closer to the financial district downtown it gets better and the East Bay is pretty much really nice most of the time as the marine layer (that’s what the TV weather people call the fog) thins out the further East you go.  I live in Danville in the East Bay and it’s hot here in the summer when San Francisco looks like this photo.  I’m golfing and swimming in 90+ temperatures while the toursits in San Francisco wish they had packed their parka for the trip. Yet, I’m only a 35 minute drive to SF.

When to Photograph

You don’t see any people in the photo.  I guess tourists don’t go out in the fog.  I know they don’t take pictures if it’s not a bright sunny day and that feels weird to me.  I work about 180 degrees out from tourists. I actually don’t even get my camera out on a sunny cloudless day simply because of the boring sky I’d have to deal with. When there are dramatic clouds the sky gets very interesting in photos.  When it rains there are all sorts of reflection possibilities to work with.  Just look at the courtyard in this photo and imagine how boring & flat it would be in a photo if it was dry.

For the past few blog posts I’ve gotten away from my usual HDR photography.  We’ve seen people; the Bali Healer and the Woman in the Buddhist Temple in Vietnam.  Then yesterday I got really off the track with a photo of smoke, of all things.  Well, today Im back with this HDR photo of the Legion of Honor in San Francisco in the good ol’ summertime.

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