Stohan’s Gallery on Cannery Row

Stohan's Gallery on Cannery Row

Stohan's Gallery on Cannery Row

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The scene of the crime was right here. A chain-link fence surrounds this lot at the north end of Cannery Row in Monterey where the once thriving Stohan’s Galley on valuable oceanfront property now barely stands in wait for the bulldozers. At least, that’s the story I make up about this.

This photo op appeared while on a photowalk with Trey Ratcliff of The groups was meandering down Cannery Row making photographs along the way and Trey saw this scene and stopped. Even though his tripod is one of those monster super tall ones the chain link fence was even higher. well, why let that deter us. By simply untwisting some wires holding some of the fence fabric we were able to open a hole large enough to stick a lens through. Trey Ratcliff, Heather Hummel and me at the scene of the crime Captain Photo, that would be me, taking the shot above.

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  • Daryl Stokes

    My name is Daryl Stokes and I am the original owner of Stohans Gallery that resided in the San Xavier Cannery building for 20 years. I came across your beautiful photograph of my old building and thought I should contact you. Over 15 years have passed since the developers removed my company from that building and unfortunately for them, their plans never materialized. The building is actually historical and well be 100 years old in about 4 years. That’s why they were not permitted to bull doze it away in the beginning.
    Over the years, I have watched this building gradually deteriorate and I recently made a proposal to the property owner to restore the building with my own resources if he would allow me to re-occupy it. Unfortunately he refused to meet with me and would not even read my proposal.
    Sadly enough, the building still sits empty and abandoned-a horrible waste of a historic resource and a huge thorn in the side of the community of Cannery Row.
    Let me know if you’re interested in more details.

    Best regards,
    Daryl Stokes

    • Captain Photo

      Wow thanks for the background Daryl! Sorry that it’s been a sad journey with you and the building for so long. I was actually curious about it when I was taking the photo because the location is prime real estate right on cannery row and it just seemed wrong that the building was in it’s present condition. It will be great when it is restored to serve a higher purpose.

    • Tina

      Hello, I just saw the building and looked it up cuz it seemed to have an interesting story, im so glad i ran into this, I appreciate you sharing your story with it, i wish you had more luck with restoring it but i think its still beautiful, things age, sometimes we cant stop it i guess. :)

  • Enrique Guzman

    Hi! I was reading through your comments and thought I’d drop a note. On Friday, August the 16th my landscape architecture class from Cal Poly will be presenting our remodeled proposals to the city of Monterey. It would be awesome if something got built, my design focuses on preservation, the class objective is to memorialize the site and its history. Come out if you can :)

    • Captain Photo

      Thanks for doing the good work and I hope one of your proposals is accepted! By the way, I am also a Cal Poly Alumni.

  • mark ensalaco

    Hi Daryl.Was doing some perusing and saw the photo.Wow I cannot believe it’s been this long since we’ve been in touch.I almost broke down when I saw the disrepair our building was in.Don’t know about you but I remember everything associated with our incredible workspace.The good,the bad and the ugly.The good was always on the left upon entering!If you see this I’d love to hear from you.Until then I will remain your most humble student. Mark

  • Zoe H

    Very interesting for my research I’m doing, and wonderful that Daryl Stokes, the original owner, commented on your picture.

    I passed by it today, and intrigued, found out a little more about the wonderful building.

    I’ve posted my picture just now on my Instagram page @modernanxiety

    Your picture is absolutely magical – that sky! Was this from just one photo?

    • Captain Photo

      So the old gallery is still hanging in there, Zoe? It’s a fun surprise when someone deeply connected to the subject of any of my photographs somehow finds it online and comes forth, like Daryl did. Now you, today, just being inquisitive, led here too. You ask about my photo and it looks different because it’s an HDR shot. They often come out looking a little dramatic, we call it artsy as long as we don’t allow it to get too over the top unreal. I like your version of Stohan’s Gallery too. Cheers!

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