Streetwalking Stockholm

image:The Bridge to Gamla Stan-Stockholm Sweden

The Bridge to Gamla Stan

The Bridge to Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan, the old town of Stockholm, is always packed with people all day. So, early morning, while catching the great light, you have it all to yourself to explore.  The only people we saw were a couple of guards at the palace. I’m sure they were delighted with Mai’s play with them for a memorable diversion from standing so stiff for hours on end.  There was also a security guard ambling around outside of Parliament.  Other than that, the cobblestone streets were fairly empty.

Making this HDR Photo

This morning the light was so soft and lovely. I simply did what any tourist would do; stopped dead in the middle of the bridge and snapped my photo. I was on a tripod though so I could shoot this three shot HDR photo with the best quality. The three brackets (-2, 0, +2) I merged in Lightroom using the merge-to-32-bit Photomatix plugin and the Perfect HDR Workflow. To add depth to the image I used Topaz Clarity and then  some color stylization with Topaz ReStyle.  Topaz Adjust used to be a main go-to for me and I notice that I rarely use it anymore in favor of Clarity and ReStyle with their newer imaging technology.

How to make the water look wet

People say that water on my photos looks so wet… more real than life.  It’s easy to do too.  In Lightroom, use the targeted adjustment tool with clarity set pretty high, and simply brush it onto the water. It does look pretty real, I have to admit.

More Photos from the Trip

There’s a secret SmugMug Gallery of less than two dozen photos from Stockholm and Tallin, Estonia. (We took a little side trip to Estonia)  I tried a new way of processing photos while on the road using my iPhone and files from my Olympus EM-1.  So some of those photos in the gallery are done that way.  The rest were all processed my usual way in Lightroom.  By the way, I challenge you to pick out the batch,  photos processed on the iPhone!  Good luck with that.  But if you think, as most people do, that “Nicole and the Cauldron” is an iPhone shot, it’s not. I just used one of my Lightroom presets to grunge it up in a mouse-click.

Lucky Me! Another Photo Road Trip Next Week!

I know…. just got home from Sweden and now another 10 day photo adventure coming up next week!  “Have Jeep; Will Travel”  At first I planned to go north to the Palouse in Washington. Then, Mr. Spock tapped me on the shoulder, calmly pointing out how illogical that was. So, the real plan is to go back to Southern Utah on my way to Denver, where I collect Mai. We’ll head south and meander towards Monument Valley.  I love my life.

On the trip I’ll be posting photos to my Google + stream if you want to get ’em while they’re hot.  Nothing will be posted to the blog until after the trip so circle me on G+ and get them fresh & tasty!

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