Review: Topaz ReStyle

Topaz ReStyle ReStyle is not an upgrade or improvement of an old product from Topaz.  It is a brand new product which uses state of the art technology in color mapping using the colors and tones [...]

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New Topaz B&W Effects 2 Released

  Raise your hand if you ever do any black & white photography.  How about HDR black & white?   For old time black and white shooters, like me, revisiting this traditional medium in [...]

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Topaz Labs to Release Detail 3 Plugin

Sneak Peek of Topaz Detail 3   An email from Topaz Labs the other day offering me a sneak peek at the new Detail 3 plugin was intriguing.  Detail 2 is a plugin I use occasionally, although [...]

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Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 Released

The New Photoshop Elements 11   In my email this morning was a notice from Adobe that they have released Photoshop Elements 11. This is a nice upgrade from 10 and worth getting if you want [...]

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New HDR Software – New Workflow

New HDR Software; Merge to 32 Bit HDR, Lightroom Plugin.  It rocks! A couple weeks ago in my blog post we talked about the not-yet-released Photomatix, Merge to 32 Bit HDR, Lightroom plugin and [...]

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