Sightseeing Prague at Night

Cozy Night Scene in Prague, Czech Republic

Earlier this year I had an opportunity to pass through Prague. Having only a couple of days here I didn’t sleep much. Photographing here felt like a special treat so on this night, we stayed up rather late to walk the streets with camera and tripod sightseeing Prague at night.

This street scene I captured right after coming off the Charles Bridge on the far side of the river. That’s the side that isn’t connected to Old Town Prague. It’s is an HDR photograph processed in Aurora HDR Pro. Aurora has a special Glow tool that makes it too easy to get that romantic or fantasy glow feeling when you’re looking for a little something extra in your trip photos.

Sightseeing Prague at Night

One must see the Charles Bridge

What a special place this is! It’s such a popular place that even at midnight, when I walked it, the crowd doesn’t go away. I guess that might be because you can do the Charles Bridge 24/7 while the other major attractions, like Prague Castle, are closed at night.

Sightseeing Prague Castle at Night

Below is a night shot from the bridge with one of the beautiful and intricate statues which are erected all along the bridge. In the background, up on the hill, is the Prague Castle complex, which we visited the next day. So, even though the castle isn’t open at night, it can be captured beautifully anytime of day or night in your trip photos. So be sure to find a cool vantage point to include it in some of your photos of Prague.

I call this image; “Starry Starry Night.” Click on it, you’ll see.

Prague Castle from Charles Bridge

Prague Castle from Charles Bridge-Czech Republic

Pilsner Urquel-When You Get Thirsty in Prague

Even though my time in Prague was very short, I found the city to be quite lovely. As always when traveling, we sought out local food and flavor, and I always want to sample the local beers everywhere I go.

At home I often drink Pilsner Urquel. Prague is the source! Pilsner beer originally came from here so it’s available literally everywhere in Prague!  Even the places we ate breakfast they proudly have up the Pilsner Urquel logo in the windows and on the menus. It’s as ubiquitous as Bud is in America.  The only difference is that I love Pilsner Urquel and, sorry to say, I won’t go near Bud in the States. You might call be a beer snob. I’m okay with that.

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