Sally in the Alley


Alley on Broadway – Burlingame, CA

Get Sally out of the Alley and on your wall today!


When we went to dinner last night at the Korean restaurant on Broadway in Burlingame, we walked passed this cute alley.  It was dark and I didn’t have my camera anyway.  This morning, after packing and leaving the hotel for home, that alley called to me for a shot.  It would have been nice to have some humanness in the photo but nobody was taking advantage of this little nook with their coffee and scone.


Annual Valentine Day Print Sale

Roses and flowers and candy are all good and easy.  Have you ever thought of really surprising your valentine with their favorite photograph?  The plus on that is that you get to enjoy it too and it lasts a lot longer than the alternatives.  Again this year I’m discounting all my portfolio prints by 30% through February 14th.  For the first time this year, all my iPhone iArt gallery images are also included in this 30% off sale.  It’s a good deal for you because I’m not famous yet so the prints are cheap anyway.  To get the 30% discount, just enter the coupon code; “NotCandy” when you check out.

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