Russian River, Alaska

Russian River, Alaska

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In Alaska, Fall comes early.  I was on the Kenai peninsula in early September limiting out on Coho salmon every morning and had plenty of time in the afternoons for photography.

The Russian River is a tributary flowing into the Kenai and we like to go here to catch-and-release fly fish.  This is such a pretty place. I could sit on the back all day just watching the river flow.  Be sure to click on the photo.  It looks so MUCH better when it’s large and not competing with the words on the page.



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  • Dredging Singapore

    Russian river is my favorite place to relax out, since my childhood my parents brought me their so I have emotional attachment with this place. I remembered when my Dad caught Salmon for me and we cooked at home. Now I still visiting again and again to this place and I catch the fish but I released them immediately for their lives. Thanks for this post to memorize my childhood.

  • Alaska SEO

    I love the Russian River. When I was a kid, I almost got chased down by a black bear there with my dad. Crazy times… lol

    • Captain Photo

      Everybody should have at least one bear story in their life. One time on Kodiak, fishing the American River, we came on a Kodiak Brown bear fishing the next hole downriver. Then….

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