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Topaz ReStyle

image of topaz restyle boxReStyle is not an upgrade or improvement of an old product from Topaz.  It is a brand new product which uses state of the art technology in color mapping using the colors and tones of the source image.  In a word, it ROCKS! Last evening I spent some time playing with it so I could write this up with my impressions. I must say that it is very impressive so far.

The idea and purpose for using Topaz ReStyle is to quickly and easily give photographers a tool to stylize our photographs with basically one click.  Yes, I am always skeptical of products which advertise such ease and power.  “One click” often turns into so much more.  In the case of ReStyle, it seems that the one click actually does the trick.  The before & after examples in my review here are visual evidence of my experience of taking an image into Topaz ReStyle and, in one click, applying a preset.

Topaz says that there are over 1,000 presets included with ReStyle.  I didn’t count them all.  Ain’t nobody got no time for that. The presets are divided into genres like Fashion, Architecture, Landscape, Portrait, Mood, etc.  I do mostly landscapes and I stayed inside the Landscape group of presets for the examples in this review.  If you don’t do landscapes but maybe portraits, I suggest that you just download the 30 day trial of Topaz ReStyle to see how it works with the type of photography you specialize in.

Let’s take a look at some examples.

[comparebar name=’topaz_restyle_1′]

In this example, in one click I applied the preset called Goldenrod Sunset. Loving what it does to the clouds and rocks, rendering almost a 3D effect.

[comparebar name=’topaz_restyle_2′]

Above is an example of applying, in one click, the Orange Afternoon preset. The definition in the clouds in this preset is amazing comparing it to the original image.


The Interface

Without reading any instructions I dove in to see how intuitive it is.  On the left side are all the presets and hovering my mouse over each one pops up a very large preview of that look.  It’s really great how fast the preview pops up and especially how large it is to really allow me to evaluate how a preset will look when applied to a photo.  It’s possible to very quickly find a preset I liked.

On the right side of the interface are a set of controls to refine to look of any preset you choose.  From the time I spent with this I can see there is a tremendous power in these controls to alter the HSL of the preset, the structure and sharpening, masks, separate controls for the black, white and midtone levels, plus basic color temperature, tint, and saturation. ON top of these controls, Topaz ReStyle offers8 blending modes to each preset which give you essentially 8 times the number of looks available for each of the 1,000 presets.

Image Topaz ReStyle Interface


[comparebar name=’topaz_restyle_3′]

One click application of the Bronze Sunset preset


Technical Specifications of Topaz ReStyle

image tech specifications of topaz restyle

 I used Topaz ReStyle in Adobe Lightroom for the images used in this review.  It also works with Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and any other Mac or Windows applications that support Photoshop plugins.  For full technical specifications of Topaz ReStyle, click on the image to the left for the spec sheet supplied to me by Topaz Labs.

Final Thoughts on Topaz ReStyle

There are a lot of Photoshop plugins out in the wild.  Not only from Topaz Labs, but I also use OnOne and NIK plugins.  They all have a specific purpose and using them can be daunting until you become familiar with what they can and can’t do. I use them all, maybe only once in six months, but they all get used.

The people at Topaz Labs have given us a new powerful cutting edge product in Topaz ReStyle.  For me, it looks to be on the upper tier of my go-to plugins.  Like Topaz Adjust, which I use quite often, I might be using Topaz ReStyle at least as often, possibly more, as I become more familiar with exploiting the possibilities that lie within this awesome product. ReStyle uses brand new technology which I’m expecting to out-perform older plugins and, so far, I’m very impressed.

Heidi at Topaz tells me that the retail price of ReStyle will be $59.99 when it is released tomorrow, August 8th.  As usual with a new Topaz release, this product will be available at a 50% discount through the month of August for $29.99 if you use the promo code restyleit when you checkout.  If you miss that date, then use the promo code PerfectHDR which will save you enough to buy lunch. Again, you can download a trial version before you buy.  There is plenty of time to check it out yourself before the price goes up on September 1st.

It’s in the Topaz Bundle

If you don’t have any Topaz products in your post processing arsenal yet, are you thinking about getting the Topaz Bundle which contains them all?  Over a dozen great products, including the flagship product Topaz Adjust, the new Clarity and ReStyle, and the amazing PhotoFX Lab to tie them all together into a post processing Mothership! YO!  This time the promo code “PerfectHDR” will save you enough for dinner for… TWO!  Think spouse-pleasing romantic here.

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    Something else to play with – very dramatic results in one click!

  • okanagan photographers

    I think topaz restyle is really suitable for anyone.Nice sharing.

  • John Young Photography

    That Topaz ReStyle looks interesting… I have tried their software before but I don’t think I have seen that one before thank you for sharing

  • Clay Toporski Photography

    Thanks for the great writeup. I am now salivating about this product. It’s potential and the couple of examples you posted look really awesome. I think I’m going to have to break open the piggy bank. :)

  • Tcafe

    Never used Topaz, but looks promising.

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