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Theme: Revealed – Entering the Art Show

One of my new friends from last year is opening her own studio space in Oakland next month. She’s inaugurating it with an afternoon photo shoot with half a dozen photographer next week. I think she might still be looking for a model for us to shoot. So if you live close enough to Oakland and have a desire to be on display for a couple hours, please contact me.

The first event open to the public is an art show opening on February 2nd. She told me the theme of the show is “Revealed” or “Unleashed.” Now I usually go blank when I’m forced to be creative within a contest or show like this but this time I actually had an idea that I wanted to try.

My iPhone Experiment

My girlfriend came home with a corset the other day. To her, they are so pretty and sexy, so she must have at least one. I agree. She modeled it for me….. and I loved the bright white, the texture and the lines it created. So, I went into my pocket for my iPhone, as I usually do when I see a photo op, and snapped one.

Then I thought, “Okay, now what can I do with this to make it a little different?” I tried a couple apps but nothing seemed all that great. Then, I thought, let me try to make it into something for the “Revealed” show. I have used an app called Modern Grunge before and one thing it does that’s very unique is to allow free form creating of simulated cuts and tears on an image. Playing with that app can be so much fun…. running your finger across the screen creating havoc. If you don’t like the outcome, just make another swipe at it with a different zig-zagie motion.

That’s a good start, and I wanted more. I imagined that I could create a couple of rips & tears to simulate part of a mono-color photo being ripped off to reveal the full color photo underneath it. All I had to do then was duplicate the original image and make one into a mono-tone photo. Then I created the rips in that one with Modern Grunge. The final process was to blend the two images in Image Blender. Like a Vita-Mix for your iPad.

I think it came out looking pretty good. Just look at the great quality you can get from that little iPhone camera too! I printed this on metal a 11 x 14 inches and it’s stunning! In fact I’ll bet most people can’t even tell the difference between the quality of this photo and one taken with a professional DSLR. Now, can you imagine though, a wedding photographer showing up to shoot a wedding with only an iPhone?

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  • Brandon

    The murals you shot in San Francisco look amazing. Good work my friend!

  • Movie Rob

    Is that photography with your iPhone, wow, mobile phones are getting more and more advanced, if your able to do this kind of work with them.

  • Rodger Okoye

    I like a allusion, although it’s one continuous image, it looks as those it’s three images fused together.

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