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Not your everyday sunrise

When a Planned Landscape Photo Works Out

“Plan “A” is looking good!”, I thought after awakening in Furnace Creek and checking the western sky. Today is the day for that epic morning shot I had planned before embarking on the road trip! Just as I had hoped, there were few clouds in the sky and the full moon was bright, crisp, and descending towards it’s eventual setting behind the Panamint range on the west side of Death Valley. Before the moon sets, the sun is rising in the east and, if all goes according to plan, the peak of the Panamint range will be brushed with the days earliest rays. Excited at the possibilities ahead this morning, I scurried behind the wheel of the Jeep and headed south towards Badwater, about a 30 minute drive.

Location location location

Up at Zabriskie Point the sunrise shoot will be crowded with togs. It’s such a popular place. So, imagine my joy when I pull into the parking area at Badwater finding that I’m completely alone! The moon is still at least 30 minutes from setting, I’m guessing, so I have time to find just the prefect composition. Have you ever noticed how fast the moon moves when you’re using it as a compositional element?

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