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US BANK - Port of San Francisco and skyline

Port of San Francisco and Skyline


My Golf Index Dropped By Eight

It wasn’t too many years ago that I read a Deepak Chopra book about golf while vacationing in Maui.  Golf for Enlightenment introduced a little zen into my golf game with the message; SFT… See it, Feel it, Trust it.  “Be one with the ball” is what it kept saying.  Remain unattached to the outcome.  Surrender and just trust. Well my golf handicap has come down by eight strokes since then.

Trust Your Vision

Today I am remembering the lessons in that book and applying them to my photography.  I need to trust my vision, even if it seems to be breaking rules.

The other day I was browsing quickly through some old photos and stopped short when I ran across this photo of the Port of San Francisco taken from Treasure Island.  I had never done anything about processing it simply because it didn’t seem remarkable enough to me at the time.  The time just wasn’t right for me to do the work back then.  My final vision for making this photo had not yet developed.  There was more that I needed to learn before receiving the vision and proceeding to take on this photo.  That’s the value of keeping old photos and going through them when the mood strikes.  There is usually a beautiful and formerly overlooked gem among them.

The Universe works so perfectly by bringing me exactly what I need when I need it.  Do you notice that in your life too?  This week the Universe knew it was time and that I needed to see this photo again. So she must feel that I am now worthy so she gave it to me.  With more time and experience now I am ready to take it on and make some fun art out of it.

Prior to this week I was just not equipped for it.  There is nothing tangible I can point to that caused me to know that now I have developed the vision. Some people would explain it by saying that I have tuned to a higher vibration.  But that still sounds a little woo woo so I am not claiming that’s what happened.  I think though that it’s just me naturally growing as an artist by following my passion.

High Vibration Photography

This photo of The Port of San Francisco is my first published photo at my new frequency of vibration.  It’s quite different than any of my past work and pushes my edges in an uncomfortable way.  However, after living with the photo for a few days, finally today I applied one additional touch which completes it for me and it’s ready to post.  During those days I had to apply the lessons from Deepak Chopra in seeing, feeling and TRUSTING my vision.  I like it and hope you do too.

What a powerful lesson this is for me.  Without trusting and pushing out of my comfort zone there can be no growth.  From now on, I will be fully at ease working with my art in my new, improved, and large economy size  comfort zone.  Funny… I notice that there is more room to roam in this new comfort zone.  That should make it easier to vibrate!

FREE Computer or tablet Wallpaper!

Let’s celebrate my growth!  If you like this photo, please download it and feel free to use it as wallpaper on your personal computer.  If you also want to use it for a non-commercial blog post, you are also free to do that provided you link back to this page.  For any other use, please contact me now. and we’ll make it easy. Cheers!
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