Review: Loving Landscapes Ebook-for Picture Perfect Landscape Photography.

Those Exhilarating Moments of a Landscape Photographer

You’ve gone to all the effort and expense of getting on location, waited patiently for the right light, and everything comes together in a perfect storm of nature in full splendor.  You’ve captured it!  In smug satisfaction you pack up your gear and can’t wait to get back to process the shot and share it with the world.  Now it’s up to you.  Now it’s time to create your art from what you’ve captured into an example of picture perfect landscape photography. Will it be the best it can be?

image:point lobos state park hdr photograph

Point Lobos in picture perfect HDR by Captain Photo. You looking good depends on your post processing method & skills.

Post Processing Your Landscape Photography

Everybody loves looking at beautiful landscape photography. How are you going to take the precious RAW files on your camera’s memory card transform them into the best landscape photos they can be?  Will you use the same workflow and software you’ve been using for years?  Do you even know what is the latest and best software is and the simple tricks to make your landscape photography shine it’s brightest?  It’s time to get up to speed and learn what’s current with the big boys and how to easily use the latest technology, tips, and tricks to work perfectly in harmony, just for you.

The Three “T’s”- Tips, Tricks, and Technology

Tips and Tricks come in both old and new varieties.  Technology, on the other hand, relentlessly just keeps coming at you. Cameras get better and so does the software we use to create our art as well as the techniques in using both.  New technology in photography brings the possibility of greater ease, higher quality, faster workflow, and more profit, among other things.  If you don’t keep up, those who do will pass you by as you continue within your comfort zone with the “that’s the way I’ve always done it” mentality.

As landscape photographers we continue to refine our vision every day as we shoot, it’s inevitable.  At the same time, we need to keep up with technology to refine the rest of our workflow. Ask yourself if you’re committed to being your best or is it okay to be using outdated software and techniques in your workflow?  What’s the result you demand in your art?

Loving Landscapes-The eBook

For landscape photographers who are committed to keeping up, a new eBook is just out. Loving Landscapes by New Zealand photographers, Sarah and Todd Sisson. It’s about the Technology of Landscape Photography, told in a light and fun manner.  Specifically, it’s about everything we do from before image capture through post processing our landscape photos. Topics covered include: image capture, computers, backup, RAW workflow, file management & organization, output, single and multi-exposure processing, using Lightroom & Photoshop, and more. Here’s the table of contents page so you can see all the great content this volume covers:

image:Loving Landscapes table of contents

Loving Landscapes table of contents

Sarah and Todd take turns in their own areas of expertise to entertain us while showing the ease of use of the latest software that most pros and advanced amateurs use today; Lightroom and Photoshop.  That’s what I use in my own HDR landscape photography. The section on Lightroom alone revealed a few new things about Lightroom 5 that I didn’t know.  Suddenly, one tip is now making my work in Lightroom easier and faster. This happens many times in the book. New and old tips and tricks are salt & peppered throughout the book so I never wanted to skim or skip ahead, fearing missing out on something else.

Here’s an example.  Todd wrote about the age-old technique using neutral density filters for long exposure photography.  He got me totally re-energized about trying it out again and I immediately ordered two new ND filters from Amazon!  They’re going with me next week to Kauai so look out for some ocean-in-motion shots when I get back!

There’s another great section in the book about taking pictures of the milky way and other astro-photography. I wrote a small tutorial about milky way photography just last week.  Although I have a different opinion about what the maximum exposure time can be for getting a great milky way shot, their section gives a really great step-by-step account of how to do this super fun activity!

If you’re an HDR landscape photographer, like me, you should know that Sarah & Todd fully admit that they don’t use HDR that often. So don’t expect a lot of “ah-ha moments” in this section. Instead, I’ll refer you to the Perfect HDR Workflow  if you’re interested in the latest and easiest HDR workflow for landscape photographyOther than being a little sparse on HDR, the book’s chapters on Multi-Exposure Workflow are exceptional.

Living Landscapes: The other book of this 2-volume set.


Book 1-Living Landscapes

Loving Landscapes is the follow-up companion book to Sarah and Todd Sisson’s previous recent release, Living Landscapes.  Living Landscapes is mostly about the craft and creativity of landscape photography. It also fully explains the tools of the landscape photographer’s trade. Finally, it concludes with with 40 pages of inspiring advice for the many niches of landscape photography; sunrises, sunsets, mountains, water, black & white, etc.  Together, this two volume set is currently the most comprehensive compilation of information needed by serious contemporary landscape photographers.

The Book and the Bonuses

Loving Landscapes is published by and is available for instant download.  I appreciate their no-risk policy that your purchase is covered by a two month guarantee.  Return the book if it doesn’t meet your expectations for a full refund. Also, they are generous in offering a $20 US discount when you purchase both books together. According to the publisher, they are offering the single book alone for awhile at $10 off to promote its’ new release.

If landscape photography is your thing, as it is mine, this new ebook has all the latest information to give you the edge over other landscape photographers who haven’t updated their workflow recently or learned the tricks & shortcuts now available. This book also comes with some bonuses.  Photo files for download so you can follow along with some of the teaching. There are even ten free, time-saving, Lightroom presets included with each download which work in Lightroom 4 and 5.

Loving Landscapes a great value filled with a boatload of the latest valuable image capture and post processing tools & techniques. I expect it will become a welcome read for the serious landscape photographer. It was for me.

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