Where Are You on the Path to Learning HDR Photography?


If the title sounds a bit Woo Woo, I apologize. The making of great HDR photos used to be quite an arduous spiritual journey of slow learning spanning months or years. I’m not asking for enlightenment… only to learn to make some nicer than average HDR photos and to do it without pain & suffering.

Fortunately, I’m happy to report that there’s now an easier, faster, less expensive way to make cleaner and fabulous looking HDR photography!  Just for fun I call it the Perfect HDR Workflow.


There’s a New Grasshopper on the Path


The path to HDR, for me, began years ago by reading Trey Ratcliff’s online HDR tutorial. Okay, I’ll admit it, I consumed it! Trey, without ever knowing me, taught me and bazillions of others, just how to use Photomatix Pro and then finish each photo in Photoshop to a super cool piece of art.    The really cool ways he shares all he knows is authentic, and I love him for that and his generous open spirit. Doesn’t it seems like making great HDR should be really easy, when watching him do it?

What Trey, and now others, teach is the best method available to make HDR images prior to two significant technology upgrades in 2012. Four years ago, I wanted to learn how to make HDR photos bad enough that I did whatever it took and spent many long, mostly enjoyable, hours processing lots of HDR photos using the old method of HDR that we all are still using.

Looking back at my own learning curve to HDR, it seems that I spent more time learning how to use the software for HDR and not nearly enough time out shooting and being creative. Creativity is why I do this.  Photography, for me, is being empowered to create my own personal art. But when it came to HDR, having to learn Photomatix Pro and the formidable Photoshop, got in the way of my creativity with HDR photography.  It would take me sometimes two hours or more to finish one photo, and I hear the same thing from many other HDR photographers who still use the old method.

HDR Photography Doesn’t Need to be so Hard!

I don’t want it to be that hard for you!  Today there is an easier, less expensive and much faster option to create superb mouth-watering HDR!  It’s become my tagline;

[box] “Perfect HDR in 5 minutes or less… while eating a bowl of ice cream!” (chocolate is my favorite)[/box]


Ready to Make Your HDR Life Easy?

The old way to make HDR photographs still exists and is still being taught by most of the top HDR photographers around the world.  Just check them out and see if you’re willing to buy the eBooks and video tutorials and practice for weeks or months just to learn how to make a photo that people other than you and your mother are proud of.  Yes, HDR can still be learned that old way and it’s perfectly capable of producing awesome images, no doubt!  Most people just “ain’t got no time for that!”

Fortunately for us, good old technology marches on relentlessly. Now, newer software from Photomatix combined with the mind-blowing ease and power of Lightroom 5 is available for under $150 US for both!  Do you think this might make your HDR life so much easier and infinitely more fun?!  Shout that one out!





Perfect HDR is infinitely More Fun!

It’s time to surrender. When you decide it’s now your time to learn HDR photography or to re-think your workflow, I invite you to consider the newest HDR workflow with which you’ll be making Perfect HDR photos the first time you try!  I guarantee that too. Even a brand newbie can make Perfect HDR the first time in less than 5 minutes!

The bonus is;  this new workflow is not only simpler, it’s much cheaper than the old way.  Why is that?  Because we don’t need no stinking Photoshop. No need… no buy.  There’s a few hundred bucks you don’t have to spend.

All we really want to do is make pretty HDR pictures as quickly as possible.  Isn’t that why you’re here?  With the Perfect HDR Workflow, now you can concentrate on your art, not bogged down by the process with which you create. Here’s a story.

The photo below I recently created. In less than 5 minutes I took it from RAW files into the finished piece below of St. Philomena’s Church in Mysore, India.

This is basically a vacation picture that you or I might take.  Let’s face it, don’t most tourists shoot in glaring mid-day light standing in front of a some monolith bending backwards pointing a camera up high. Nobody taught us that in Photography school. Those were the conditions when I took the photo. So how is it possible to transform a photo made in some of the worst circumstances imaginable into a nice artsy piece, like this church?

Technology.  It Changed… HELLO!

In the middle of 2012 something happened and it became abundantly clear to me how to help beginning photographers learn HDR easier than ever before!  There’s more in my blog about that but what happened enabled me make the personal commitment to create a structure to teach and support beginning HDR photographers and those who are looking for alternatives to their current workflow.  There’s no need for pain & suffering while learning HDR photography ever again.  By the way, those two conditions are not inseparable. The Dali Lama once noted that, “while pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.”

Stick around to learn how you can make Perfect HDR photos in less than 5 minutes… while eating a bowl of ice cream.  It’s that easy. No expensive software needed and no big learning curve.  Start right now and you will be proudly making Perfect HDR photos by tonight! 

Think of it as HDR Heaven….in case you’ve been burning in the other HDR place.

~Captain Photo

It’s time to assemble the couple of things you’ll need for Perfect HDR Photography, if you don’t already have them.


Perfect HDR photo St-Philomena…s-Church-Mysore, India

St Philomena’s Church-Mysore, India – Created in less than 5 minutes using the Perfect HDR Workflow

It’s not what you look at that matters.  It’s what you see.


~Henry David Thoreau










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