Pagoda in the Forest

Pagoda in the Forest
This just seems to me like a magical place to come upon unexpectedly. Looking at this photo I get a feeling of having been walking for hours among tall trees and not really sure where I’m going or if I’m even lost or not. The forest is so captivating that, for the time I’m there, I have no other thoughts than being present to fully receive nature. Then civilization, or some manifestations of it, comes into view. The minute I see this Pagoda, in reverence, I stop short and sit in quiet harmony with this place I have found.

Today we are halfway through November. The Holidays are really here. No more denial. My daughter comes home from the University of Colorado in a week and then it’s Thanksgiving and the whirlwind picks up speed for the next 6 weeks.

My goal is to get my end-of-the-year HDR Newsletter out to my subscribers so we’ll see how well that goes. If you haven’t subscribed yet and you want some tips about making photos like mine with YOUR camera, there will be a section in the newsletter about doing just that. Hint; it’s not about the camera so much than it is about seeing the light and taking a little time on your computer with the right software to make photographs you can be exceptionally proud to show off as your own! There is a newsletter signup form over on the right side at the top of the page.

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