Northern California’s Redwoods

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Google+ got me here!

Social media isn’t really my thing. That being the case, I still manage to keep up a good following and engage over 6 billion views of my photos from the G+ community. My goal is a post a day. On road trips, usually less because I’m either out of cell range in the Jeep or just having too much fun photographing.

Fortunately, I was staying in a nice place with good WiFi in Bandon, OR, the Best Western, I think.  Mai wasn’t with me on this trip so I went online after getting back from shooting sunset and posted one of the photos from the day on G+. The first comment was from Jim in Ashland who suggested that I visit Stout Grove at Crescent City, CA. So I did. Great comments like this are such a blessing and I had a beautiful experience in some very pretty old growth redwoods. Cheers Jim in Ashland!

Google Plus is my main hangout so I invite you to follow me there for new photos almost daily. Most of them have never been posted here to the blog.  It’s about priorities; blogging or golf?

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