New Photos from Cannon Beach and Death Valley


There are lots of gems in our photo libraries. I’m always going back and randomly looking at trips and shoots from months and years past. Yesterday I was going through my road trips of 2014 and found two more images wanting processing.

Cannon Beach, Oregon

In September we get our best weather of the year along the West Coast. The summer fog is gone and Indian Summer arrives with clear, sunny, and warm days. So, after school started and the beach towns emptied out, Mai and I hopped in the Jeep up I-5 to Cannon Beach at the tippy top of Oregon.  The above photo is now in the small online SmugMug gallery of the best images from that trip.  There are also a couple nice shots of the beautiful redwood forest in Northern California we saw on the way home. So I hope you’ll take a look.

Mesquite Dunes-Sunrise

It’s exactly a year ago today that I bought my Jeep. Two weeks later, Death Valley was our destination as a shakedown trip.  It was comfortable enough sleeping in the back the first night and the 4 wheel drive took us to places in the park we couldn’t go before.  I think the Jeep’s a keeper!

The photo below I took the first morning after rolling out of the Jeep an hour before sunrise and hiking out onto the dunes.

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  • john armstead

    I love the workflow and would love to see more videos on perfect HDR

    • Captain Photo

      Cheers John! Sorry for the delay but I’ve been in Peru the past few weeks. Getting home I find a new version of Lightroom was released so the workflow is going to definitely be changing to become even simpler. Stay tuned.

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