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Majestic Mt. Shasta

Last week, while playing up in the Mt. Shasta area, I was driving the back roads along Highway 97 always on the spy for additional worthy views of this sacred mountain. After visiting the lava tubes of Pluto’s Caves I was driving back to town on County Road A12 where this beautiful Mt. Shasta view appeared! One of the better ones I found up there all week.  It’s a little reminiscent of that iconic photo spot on highway 163 heading into Monument Valley, Arizona.

By the way, for you astrophotographers, I noticed that the view from the Pluto Caves site itself is quite nice and could easily work for milky way photography, This was my last day in the area so it’ll have to be next time to try that here. If you’re curious about how I could tell about the possibilities of milky way photography in the middle of the afternoon, it’s an app. PhotoPills. At $10 it took me awhile to let go of the price and just be grateful for the great help it is for my photography.

The app is ingenious. The phone camera is used to view through on the screen and the app puts a layover on the image which shows the galaxy center as a function of time. So I scroll ahead through the night to see the best time for milky way photography at any location I’m in.  There’s a video on their website that show how cool a feature this is! It lets you plan for sun and moon too. You can be at a place a use the app to visualize ahead when the sun or milky way or moon will be in the perfect place, and go back at that time.

Directions to this spot

If you ever want to get this shot, head east out of Weed on highway 97. About ten miles from town, County Road A12 takes off to the left going north. Up the road about 1/2 mile this view will be in your rearview mirror! Stop and take a shot if there are clouds in the sky. See the map above or put these coordinates into your GPS: 41.548931, -122.248434. Be sure to put the “-” in front of the longitude or your GPS will be taking you to China.

Now You Can Upload to Instagram From Your Desktop/Laptop

In my email this morning I see where Macphun Software has a new helper app that shortens the workflow if you post to instagram from your desktop/laptop. It’s called Uplet. With Uplet you can upload directly to your instagram account from your desktop without having to first transfer the photo to your phone. It comes bundled with Intensify Pro which brings out the hidden details in your pictures and the whole thing is on sale through the end of August for 50% 0ff!

The Fine Print

From NOW – August 31st Macphun is offering a special deal on Intensify CK, the incredible detail-enhancing software for Mac, PLUS Uplet, the bulk instagram uploader for Mac , together for the first time for only $39.99; a savings of 50% off of the retail pricing. For ONLY $39.99; a savings of 50% you will receive both of these incredible apps, the perfect bundle for those who love Instagram but have images on their Mac they want to enhance and upload directly to their account without doing the mobile dance.

Intensify CK:

  • 4 cutting-edge detail controls

  • Over 70 one-click presets for instant results

  • Supports RAW files + all popular image formats
  • A complete set of editing tools, including layers and brushes
  • Use as a Standalone app & Plug-in with Lightroom and Photoshop.


  • Drag & Drop 1 or more photos directly from your Mac

  • Add captions, emojis and hashtags

  • Maintains aspect ratio and quality

  • Use your best “desktop-enhanced” photos instead of just mobile images
  • Appears in your Instagram feed in seconds

Together for the first time, Intensify and Uplet are the ultimate 1-2 punch for making images look amazing on your Mac, then sharing them directly to your Instagram!

Here’s a short video showing how easy it is to enhance your photos and get them up to your Instagram account pronto!

Uplet for Instagram by Macphun Software
Uplet for Instagram by Macphun Software-Watch the short video!

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