Mt. Foraker & Mt. Denali at sunset

Mt foraker and mt denali, sunset-alaskaIt was almost 1 year ago that I went up near Mt. Denali in Alaska on a 10 day fishing trip at Lake Marie Lodge.  We got a great rate on the lodge (3 for the price of one) but there were NO FISH!!  After two days of beating the water and coming up empty except for a couple trout, we decided to call a bush plane to fly us back to Anchorage and head down to the Kenai River where we knew the Coho were thick & feisty.

The best thing about the time at Lake Marie Lodge was the weather.  Miraculously we could see Mt. McKinley (Denali) full on, which is a rare treat.  Many tourists come up to Denali Park and never get to see the mountain which is usually under thick clouds.

I won’t say much about the lodge itself except that if they had Yelp up there in the wilderness, I would have given it a one-star rating.

I watched sunset while having a cocktail in the lodge this evening and saw the wonderful light mingling with the clouds to my joy.  They told me that we were about 35 miles from Mt. Foraker and 70 miles from Mt Denali.  this perspective caused both of them to appear to be about the same size.  They aren’t.  Denali is the tallest mountain in North America.



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