Mt Diablo and Devlish Sky - Walnut Creek CA

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It’s been a lot of years that Melinda at Studio 7 in Lafayette has been cutting my hair. Recently when I was in having my shaggy look all cleaned up it occurred to me that her walls were bare. Nada. All this wonderful huge potential gallery space going to waste.

So I asked her if she might like some of my photos to hang in her salon? As a huge fan of my work she was very excited to have that happen so we began discussing what kinds of images she would want. My work covers all sorts of subjects from around the world and we ended up deciding that we would keep it at a local flavor.

Mt Diablo means Mountain of the Devil

Going through my images it quickly became obvious that I didn’t have much from right where I live so I committed myself to spend the next month or so collecting some great shots from the area. One really noticeable omission was that there was no image of Mt. Diablo, the main focal point for all communities nestled here in the Diablo Valley. So I set out to make that happen.

Getting several new photos of things around the Diablo Valley was easy.. I went to John Muir House in Martinez, Saint Mary’s College in Maraga, The Eugene Oneille house in Danville, Dinosaur Hill Park in Pleasant Hill, The West Ridge of Alamo and Walnut Creek and now have a new set of pretty cool photos that I’m printing and will be hang in in Melinda’s Hair Salon in a week or so.


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  • Udi

    OMG Captain photo,

    This is amazing…You have a very good eye. Beautiful picture.

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