Front Row Parking

Montego Bay Casino - Wendover NV

Front Row Parking

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Montego Bay Casino

It was late August and I was on a road trip with Ashley, driving her back to college in Boulder, CO.  Day one was about 12 hours in the car and we rolled into Wendover, Nevada, the halfway point.  Border towns in Nevada always have a group of casinos and new casino-hotels, cheap gas, lots of fast food.  We were interested in a nice comfortable room for the night and a good meal.  From experience, we know that rooms are cheap in these casino-hotels so we went straight to the Montego Bay.

There is always a smoky haze inside these places and checking in here was no different. It was full of bling.  Lots of mirrors, bright colors, sparkly lights and the drone of slot machines, roulette wheels and dice.  Yes, we received a huge and really lovely room with two king beds for something like $60.  Food was good, not spectacular, but after being in the car all day that prime rib dinner was sumptuous!  After dinner I wandered out front and loved the sight of this bike parked right in the entry of the casino.  He only missed the parking lot by a few feet and the upside is that he got front row parking!

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  • Toad Hollow Photography

    I just love Harley’s but due to my propensity to have them fall down when I am on them I am not really allowed to have one. This is such a cool shot, Keith, I think it’s an iconic scene.

    • Captain Photo

      Cheers Toady! I’m past the Harley age and I’m not even allowed to rent a motorbike while here in Asia. Sometimes though, I’ll hire a teenager here for a few Rupee to lift me across town or on an errand. Thank you for kind words about this shot and glad you ‘get it.’ You know how sometimes we are so close to our own work that we can’t really see if it’s any good or not. We THINK it is but then there are also doubts. Those thoughts are becomes farther apart these days but this shot is definitely one of those. I’m in Asia for another 3 weeks and taking lots of photos. Deciding what to post is my game now, since I only like to post one shot per post and like to mix it up with different locations. Oh well, I am comforted knowing I have a lot stashed in my photo bank account to draw on in the months ahead. Time to go get myself ready for big festival in temple tonight. Hoping for great shots.

  • SouthAfrica Casino

    Aye Captain!
    You did a great job with your picture. I love it and the Harley, of course. However, I’m not a photographer myself, I just think that it would look better if you’d enhance the color, it might show some dramatic scene. But nice photo tho’.

  • Nina

    Very nice picture indeed! I agree however with the former poster that you may benefit from making the contrast higher. The yellow lights is kinda destroying the mood I feel you’re aming for here, but thats just my 2 cents! The composition is awesome though.

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