Mono Lake Photography

image:mono lake photography-tufa-sunset
Mono Lake, California

Roots & Rocks

Credit this to my ex-wife. When I got my first camera, an Olympus OM-1 in 1978, she thought she was going to get family photos.  What she got were weird shaped roots and rocks.  In black & white, no less.  You can guess how I got stuck with the “roots & rocks” brand.

So, yeah, Mono Lake qualifies as a certified weird rock kinda place. For myself, and hundreds of thousands of other landscape photographers around the world, Mono Lake is one of those Mecca places, always sure to please no matter what the light or conditions.

Disneyland for roots & rocks landscape photographers!


The Mono Lake Limited Collection

From several visits over a number of years, I’ve assembled a small collection of my 10 favorites from Mono Lake (plus a bonus shot of the Milky Way which I shot this week)!  Enjoy the Mono Lake Limited Collection Here!

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  • Brad Fugere

    This is a seriously beautiful photograph! The colors are astounding. I see that you tagged it as an HDR photograph… Is it layered/composite or is this actually put through an HDR program? It surely looks layered and you did an excellent job if it is!

    • Captain Photo

      Thanks so much Brad! I think the reason it might look layered is because I don’t tone-map my HDR. I use a 32-bit merge workflow in Lightroom to get realistic and usually very clean HDR photos.

  • Alexander Walter

    This photo takes my breath away, it’s amazing and the most beautiful photo I’ve seen in a long time. The composition with mostly negative space is excellent and the nearly new moon is the perfect counterpoint in the balance of the image as a whole. Great work of artistry in perfection! Alex.

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