Maroon Bells Brings Photographers to Aspen

New Compact ‘Camera’: DxO ONE

On the This Week in Photo blog today, Frederick Van Johnson reports on an interesting camera released last week, the DxO ONE. Teeny tiny to fit in your pocket, attaches to your iPhone, has a 1-inch sensor for image quality way better than any smartphone and rivaling full frame DSLR’s, f 1.8 lens, 20 megapixels, for $600?! Okay, so would I want one?

Maybe. It’s an interesting device and a new concept of what we know as “camera”.  Look at the coolness factor alone in this demo of the DxO ONE on the DxO website.

It could well be that a trail of DxO ONE hints needs to be left behind as my birthday comes close this year.

When in Aspen, Photographers Awaken to Maroon Bells

Maroon Bells is about 15 minutes from beautiful downtown Aspen, Colorado. So it’s easy enough to wake up an hour before sunrise and be setup in plenty of time. This morning is my only shot at it since I’m passing through Aspen on my way to Denver, then Monument Valley and more exploration of the Southwest. My daughter, Ashley, spent last summer here and made sure that I knew about this beautiful spot to photograph.

Usually I won’t even setup a tripod when the sky is as clear as this. But I may never get back here again so gratefully take what the universe gives me today and make it the best I can.

A high res version of this is in the online gallery of photos from the Southwest.

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