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Beginning in January I started taking the Landmark Education Curriculum for Living. Going into it I was a little skeptical about it because of some of the research I did online beforehand.  I have to say though, it’s been really great and I’m loving all the confidence and self-expression it’s allowing me. It’s all part of my reinvention process and is teaching me how to live powerfully and live a life I love.  Those outcomes are the intentions of the education.

Share one of Your Photos today

Out of this education I am inspired to begin a project around photography, which is my passion.  My idea is to have people from all over the world take a simple photo of something in their world that they would like to see improved.  This is very simple and can be anything which impacts you in the realms of beauty, health, freedom, hope & inspiration.  Along with uploading this photo I am asking people to say a few words about how they feel about it and if they have any ideas to make it better. Read the full idea of my “World of Possibility” project.

Since mobile phones are so widespread now and they all have cameras, this project is within reach of much of the world’s population.  For now, the project is being hosted in a Facebook group.  It was easy and readily available worldwide.  Once I enlist a little IT help to build a permanent platform to display the photos on a real website, we’ll move it over to  So, for now, please go to, upload a photo of yours and join in the conversation to see what new possibilities you can create in the world!  I would love to hear from you today!

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Manly Beach Municipal Council

From the terminal near the Sydney opera house, we took the ferry over to Manly Beach.  Walking from the terminal up to our hostel we passed this lovely old building glowing in the last rays of daylight.  It was locked up and I could only imagine what goes in inside there.   The story I make up is that this building is equivalent to a City Hall here in the US, or am I totally wrong?  We were only there in Manly for two mights and it was just lovely.  On our first morning we ate breakfast down at the beach and rented bikes to tour the area the rest of the day.  I just love Australia and will have to go back again and visit Melbourne and other interesting places.  This trip was pretty much confined to the Sydney area.

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