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Flatirons at Sunset - Boulder, Colorado iPad 3 Wallpaper

Flatirons at Sunset – Boulder, Colorado iPad 3 Wallpaper

iPad Wallpaper HD

My daughter, Ashley, just got a new iPad for her senior year at the University of Colorado. She loves Boulder, her sorority, Alpha Phi, and her school. Her love of iPad falls in there somewhere too and I wanted to give her something to make it pretty for her and remind her of our little road trip together last week moving her back to Boulder from California and into her new apartment.

Why not some iPad wallpaper!? Yes, good idea. Well there’s a difference between iPads so I needed to look up the specs to find out just how to make these wallpaper photographs for ultimate quality on her and her friend’s iPads. It turns out that the original iPad has the same screen resolution as the iPad 2. Those images would need to be 1024 by 768 at a resolution of 132 pixels per inch. The New iPad has four times as many pixels because of it’s retina screen so it’s resolution is 2048 by 1536 pixels and the resolution is twice as high, or 264 pixels per inch. That results is a pretty large image and would be called iPad wallpaper HD. You only need to know all this info if you want to make some iPad wallpaper from some of your own images.

University of Colorado iPad Wallpapers

Ralphie the buffalo is the school mascot of the University of Colorado. He’s so lovable and there is a beautiful statue of him sitting in the plaza in front of the CU stadium. Ashley and I took a break from shopping at Costco, emptying her storage unit, grocery shopping and moving everything into her new apartment to run out at the end of the day to grab a photo of Ralphie and also the shot above of the Flatirons. Both these photos are wonderful remembrances of the good times at Boulder and I hope that any student at CU with an iPad will help himself or herself to these free iPad wallpapers.

Some Notes on iPad Wallpaper

Making wallpaper for the iPad is not an exact science, like it is when making wallpaper for a desktop or laptop monitor. Who can guess why that is? Yes, Johnny!!! You’re right, it’s because the iPad ROTATES! Photographs are not made to be rotated randomly. Photographers are very intentional in cropping images to optimally express the essence of the image. If you take a beautiful image made to be viewed in landscape mode and rotate it 90 degrees, it’s going to look… not quite as the artist intended.

So, I guess, it depends on how you use your iPad on which orientation of images is best for your viewing pleasure. I use mine in landscape most of the time unless I’m using an app made for the iPhone which hasn’t been migrated to the iPad platform yet and it only comes up in portrait mode. Since these images are really only used for background flavor it isn’t ultra critical which way your iPad is oriented when you’re using it because the wallpaper on the home screen is covered with icons anyway. The photograph you choose as your lock screen image is more important since it appears unobscured when you turn on your iPad. So, as the Templar Knight said to Indiana Jones, “choose wisely.”

These FREE iPad wallpaper photographs you can download today are both in landscape mode. Most of my work is oriented this way, however, I’m looking through my past work now so I can supplement my FREE iPad wallpaper offering with portrait mode images so everybody has something pretty no matter which way you roll.





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  • Mark Carter

    I love your picture of the Flatirons. I’m looking to start a Church in Boulder, Colorado in the next 1 1/2 and I wanted to see how much it would cost to maybe use this photo as the backdrop of our Logo and material? When I saw this picture… captures everything I love about Boulder. You took a phenomenal shot!!! Have a blessed day!!


    • Captain Photo

      Thank you Mark and I’ll email you about licensing it. Cheers!

  • Mathias

    Great foto of the flatirons. Do you sell it in high resolution so i can get it printed out on acril glass in large format.

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