Kauai Rainbow Panoramic with iPhone

image: Kuiai rainbow panoramic with iPhone
Kauai Rainbow Panoramic taken with iPhone

Making Art with an iPhone

It’s been awhile since I posted any iPhone photography on the blog. It’s too bad because some of my best work happens when I’m in the moment and come across something amazing and fleeting with only my iPhone to capture it.

With this shot, that’s not entirely the case. I did have my big camera with me but no tripod because we were on a bike ride. So the only way to get a panorama quickly to take in the whole rainbow was using the panoramic feature on the iPhone. It’s such an easy to use feature of iOS and gives pretty great results, I use it quite a bit.

Making art on my iPhone is so much fun! I use several apps, usually starting with Snapseed and many times, that’s the only app I need. My best iPhone shots I upload using the convenience of the Camera Awesome app from Smugmug (it’s a free app) and they are all in my online iPhoneography Gallery

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