John Muir House

John Muir House

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Right in our own backyard there are so many photographs waiting to be captured. This applies wherever one lives. I’m so guilty of not taking out my camera until I travel somewhere and then go visit the local attractions and points of interest. Boy, then I’m all over taking photos!! Why don’t we do more of that right where we live? I even had a comment from one of my Flickr fans that he noticed I’m posting a lot of local shots recently ever since I made the intention to be more present to where I have chosen to live.

What’s happened is that I’ve been making a point of going to visit local historic sites with the intention of making a nice photograph. Other times I’ll just grab my camera and go walk around within a short drive of home to see what I get. It’s been good. Last week I had a class in San Francisco in the evening so decided to spend the afternoon in The City walking around taking photos when I got this photo inside of St. Patrick’s Church on Mission Street. Today I was out in Pleasanton walking around with my iPhone taking several nice shots and putting them up on Instagram. By the way, if you want to see that work my Instagram name is in2photos. I’m sure that at least one of these photos will show up in my ongoing iPhoneography discussion & teaching here on my blog.

John Muir House

This whimsical photo of John Muir House is the result of my latest local field trip. I’d hate to admit how many times I’ve driven past this stately old home in Martinez which is now a National Historic Site. It’s one of those… “I’m busy going somewhere right now but one of these days I’ll get around to paying a visit to this place” things. Whew, I made it to visit John Muir House this week!

Yes I got a good photograph out of my outing there and I also had a very pleasant time walking around the grounds and through the orchards he grew as well as enriched my own life learning about our first visionary conservationist. Double win!

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