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Kauai Rainbow Panoramic with iPhone

Making Art with an iPhone It’s been awhile since I posted any iPhone photography on the blog. It’s too bad because some of my best work happens when I’m in the moment and come across something [...]

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iPhone at High Noon in Bodie

Don’t Keep Your iPhone Holstered When in Bodie This ghost town in the high desert of California attracts lots of photographers. When Mai and I went there a couple weeks ago I had my whole [...]

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Photographing the Full Moon

  Three days prior to the full moon of each month, an alarm goes off on my iPhone as a reminder.  It’s really cute.  The app plays the sound byte from the Apollo moon landing back in [...]

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Want some of my iPhone iArt! Theme: Revealed – Entering the Art Show One of my new friends from last year is opening her own studio space in Oakland next month. She’s inaugurating it [...]

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iPhone Camera Replacement Apps

Camera Awesome from Smugmug   Camera Awesome is a free camera replacement app and it’s made by the nice folks across the Bay at Smugmug.  This app gives you much more control and [...]

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Day 6 iPhoneography – Photo Wizard

Photo Wizard for photo editing on your iPhone   The Photo Wizard app, and Photo Wizard HD for iPad, is the app I use most often second to Snapseed. While does some of the same things that [...]

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Day 3 of 2013 iPhoneography: Snapseed

Snapseed: Captain Photo demonstrates this powerful iPhone app.   Back in the day I paid $4.99 for this app and was grateful to have it. It does all the big work that most photos need to take [...]

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Day 2 of 2013 – Tabletop Teapot

We went over to Phó Saigon for dinner tonight. I was fiddling with my iPhone when the waiter brought the teapot to the table. Since we were talking about using Snapseed yesterday I thought [...]

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