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iPhoneography Comes of Age

Ever since upgrading to my iPhone 4S in December my interest in mobile phone photography has been much more inspired. There is a whole movement out there now called iPhoneography where some pretty terrific art is created totally on a mobile phone. iPhones have the greatest number of apps but you can do most of this creation on other platforms (Android) too.


One of the leading photographers of the iPhoneography movement is Jack Hollingsworth. Last month he hosted a 2-day teleseminar devoted to iPhoneography on CreativeLive.com. I thought I knew a lot about this subject and that teleseminar really showed me the possibilities of this new and exciting genre of photography.  Jack made many recommendations for essential iPhone apps for processing the photos we take and also of ways to share the new art we create on platforms like Instagram.  The nice folks as creative are huge friends of photography and broadcast a myriad of teleseminars entirely for free.  They also sell DVD’s of the entire workshops with other value added PDF’s, etc. if you find a subject near & dear to your heart.  So if you are into or want to get into iPhoneography, you can pick up the Creative Live DVD of Jack’s class on their website.  I don’t know what they cost but he packed a ton of mobile phone photography learning into two full days.  I will be talking a lot more about iPhoneography in the future and will also give tips in my free HDR newsletter, if you want to sign up for that in the side bar next to this article.


The photo above I made very quickly last night.  My girlfriend came home with a new white corset a friend had given her yesterday and she wanted to see how it looked.  Okay, I also wanted to see how it looked.  It was beautiful so I asked her to step in front of the living room wall so I could snap a shot.  From there I used an app called Snapseed to play with the look of the photo and then I finished up by adding the texture in another app called 100 Cameras in 1!  It took about 5 minutes to make this image.  I also played with the image in other apps just to see what was possible but I liked this one the best.  Let me mention that I think Snapseed is one of the MUST HAVE apps!  It’s made by Nik Software, who also make outstanding Photoshop plugins for my Mac.  It’s extremely intuitive to use and I find I can bend an image any way I want with this one app.


The point of all this is that the creative process of making art is now available to everybody!  Look at the art being shared all day long on Instagram.  I believe we are entering a renaissance in photography and that the explosion of awesome creativity is just now beginning. The ease of use of the apps and that they are so powerful, makes this possible.  Yes, you too can do it!  How about getting your free account on Instagram and show me your art?  Look for me on Instagram as in2photos and follow me so I can follow you back and keep up with all of your new artistic vision!

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