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Camera Awesome from Smugmug


Camera Awesome is a free camera replacement app and it’s made by the nice folks across the Bay at Smugmug.  This app gives you much more control and features than the standard iPhone camera.  You get additional features such as; anti-shake, big shutter button, ability to take multiple photos, time lapse photography, some pretty nice filters and a tool to keep your camera level to the horizon.  In the multiple photo mode you can set it to take either a burst of three images at full resolution or a fast burst of nine images at low resolution.  If you also have a Smugmug account, you can conveniently upload your iPhone photos directly to you galleries from your iPhone using Camera Awesome.  That’s how I use it and I love how easy it is.  I’ve connected my iPhone photo gallery on Smugmug directly to my blog so my uploads appear instantly every time.

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Camera 645 Pro

Camera 645 Pro is a high-end iPhone camera replacement app.  High end in terms of performance and features, not price.  Camera 645 is a full featured professional camera also for serious amateurs.  Everything is controllable right from the screen without having to go deep into arcane menues.  Everything that you can typically control on a DSLR you can control on camera 645; exposure, focus, white balance, spot/zone metering.  The real gem about this camera is the quality of the images it takes.  It is the only iPhone camera to allow photos to be saved in dRAW format… i.e.: without compression.  This gives you the highest quality images possible which you may even want to post process in Lightroom or Photoshop.  They are that good.

Take a look at this screenshot below of the Camera 645 Pro controls.  The information screen across the bottom give you your ISO, film type and histogram, flash status, among other things. Unless you are very serious about iPhone photography, you won’t need this camera and won’t want to learn how to use it.  It’s just too much to handle for casual shooting. In the apple itunes store it’s priced at $2.99.


Screen shot 2013-01-08 at 9.14.48 PM










All the rest of the iPhone Camera Replacement Apps

There are dozens of them.  Free ones and paid ones.  Some are very very good and have been around for years.  Like Camera+.  Nothing wrong with it and you will hear many other iPhoneographers touting it..  I just picked out one free app, Camera Awesome, that does a lot more than the native iPhone camera and then the best one currently available, Camera 645 Pro at $2.99.

Below is a video showing a little more about each of these cameras.

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