International School of Management – Sydney-Australia

International School of Management - Sydney - Australia

International School of Management – Sydney – Australia
Nikon D90, Tokina 11-17mm lens @ 11 mm. Handheld three shot bracket, f5, 1/40 sec, ISO 200. Processed in Photomatix Pro, Adobe Lightroom and NIK color efex pro.

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How Shall We Spend Our Last Day at Manly Beach?

Mai and I rented bicycles right after breakfast. There was a small scuba, snorkeling, and bike rental shop next-door to the beachside open air cafe where a bagel, juice and tea started our day.  At first it was a tandem bike sitting gleaming in front of the rental shop that caught our eyes. Spontaneously we both agreed that riding a bicycle around Manly Beach for our last day visiting there was in order.

The nice man at the rental shop reported that the tandems were all rented.  Not really disappointed, because we always are able to make good with “what is”,  we each rented a bike & helmet and set out to explore the far reaches of Manly Beach.  On a map I had seen what looked like a really nice ride out to, … well it was to the north.  I don’t remember the exact name but it was mostly open space and had pullouts at viewpoints and picnic tables around. I thinki it was a National Park.  Maybe somebody who knows will help me remember? At the very end of the road is a really cool scenic view looking back with downtown Sydney way in the distance.  I posted a shot from that awesome skyline view of downtown Sydney from that scenic spot we biked to over a year ago.
It’s evident from that photo of downtown Sydney’s skyline that the storm had already started there.  It was definitely on it’s way north.  Well we weren’t armed with raincoats, umbrellas or other implements society has invented so we can briefly imitate being a duck in the rainstorm.  The obvious wise decision was easily made to head back to town, pronto.  That’s where we came across this truly amazing old gothic building.

“Looks pretty official, I’m not too sure if they’re open to having a couple of American vagabonds intruding.”

But I had to photograph this place, so screw the impending rainstorm!

The Creative Process Takes Time

Mai and I explored the beautiful garden & grounds here and the many interesting architectural elements. Many dozens of photos were taken looking for something special.  I thought I had gotten many more good shots than I saw after downloading the contents of my SD card and this one has always held something inside of it that was not revealed to me until now.

It’s taken me until today to find the essence of this shot and process it to completion. For the past year and a half I’ve run across this photo while randomly browsing through Lightroom and always remember….

“I really was moved when I took this shot and I need to figure out what it is about this scene that I was responding to when I took it and then how to process it to give me that feeling back.”

In that time I’ve given it a couple of tries and never was satisfied, giving up for the moment and knowing I’d be back. The creative artistic process takes time, and it’s worth waiting for it to happen without forcing.

The Rainstorm

The rainstorm was a DOOZY!  When it hit so suddenly and fiercely we were comfortably inside a little Italian bistro on a downtown corner back in Manly Beach.  The sign for hot homemade potato soup lured us in to be with while the cloudburst ran it’s course and gave us a lovely watershow during our late lunch. We have such a good life!


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  • Scott Spencer-White

    Beautiful Image! – you’re really using the D90 well there and handheld – WOW!!

  • Scott Spencer-White

    I’ve just come across this image once more! – Stunning like it is brand new again! Since seeing this post I have been trying to lower my shutter speeds and improve my handheld technique. Still struggling – any tips?

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