Indian Banana Sundowner

india sunset in hdr with banana farm

The Lady will have a “Banana Sundowner”

Post Processing the Banana Sundowner

When today’s photo morphed into itself only minutes after I had opened it in Lightroom , my first gleeful reaction was “Banana Sundowner!”  I think my brain was telling me that this scene has a tropical flavor to it, which is making me thirsty because, as you can see, it’s absolutely cocktail hour!  Hence, a new adult beverage was created: the Banana Sundowner!

With confidence now, you can say to the cocktail waitress, “Bring the lady a Banana Sundowner, and I’ll have an IPA.”


The Photo’s Secret Sauce

On a yoga retreat near Bangalore, India.  Our final night there Mai and I decide to climb to the top of an unfinished observatory at Yoga Nikaya, the retreat center.  The only reason we waited until the final night is because that building appeared to be a little rickety.  I’m sure it’s very safe an all, but possibly no uniform building code is going on here.

We went up to watch the sunset and whatever else there may be. There was life in rural India going by.  A silhouetted couple walking slowly down the dirt road, two boys in the distance running along with a sizeable herd of sheep, fields of crops, an occasional cow, and a bunch of banana trees.

There’s more to say about processing this photo and particularly how I got this dreamy quazi-tropical look. It will be in my next email update  to everybody on My Private List.

Ta-ta for now.

~Captain Photo

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