In Chiangmai Thailand for Songkran

Wat by Night - Chaingmai Thailand

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Songkran is the annual water festival in Thailand. Every April businesses close for a week and the entire population begins a 24/7 party. It’s all about water, which is perfect because April in Thailand is HOT. During Songkran you can count on getting doused with water within 30 seconds after leaving wherever your dry sanctuary has been.

We dress for it and don’t carry anything sensitive to getting wet, such as an iphone. In planning my trip to Thailand for Songkran I made special note to take my Opympus 790 underwater camera. Pretty smart huh? So the entire week I had no reservations about heading outside with my power squirt rifle slung over my shoulder, a Singha in one hand and with a camera I had no worries about getting wet. Here’s a little video to give you a sense of what all the chaos & fun is like. Watch the water fighting, listen to some music, see some dancing!

Watch the Songkran festival movie!

There is a short snippet of this Buddhist temple in the video. They were having a nice celebration there with dancing, singing, and music.

This photo is not HDR. I actually didn’t even have a DSLR at the time, only 3 years ago. I think I was using a Canon Powershot of some variety so there isn’t even a RAW file to work with. Strictly jpeg with all its’ limitations. I had to do a lot of work in Lightroom to get it to look this good. This was done in the new Lightroom 4, which has a temporary glitch where none of the NIK Software plugins work yet. Adobe knows about the problem and will be releasing a fix within a few days. Not having NIK available to rely on made me figure out different ways of doing things with the Topaz plugins and just tweaking in Lightroom 4.

With the new low price Adobe is charging for Lightroom 4 it’s definitely at the top of the list for must-have software. If ONLY it could do layers, we wouldn’t need Photoshop or Photoshop Elements any longer. To clean up all the little messes that tone mapping HDR images makes, I still really need layers to be able to mask & blend.

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  • Kittapack Chaimanee

    Hello, I’m from Chiang Mai, Thailand. The picture above, I think it’s the Phra Sing temple in Chiang Mai, that’s really beautiful! I love this picture and also glad to know that you like Sonkran Festival. It’s my favorite festival of the year. It’s so fun all day all night. I hope others people from every corners of the world come to enjoin this festival in Thailand between 13th – 15th April, every year. The day time in Chiangmai is the best and the best night time is in Bangkok (RCA)! 😀

    • Captain Photo

      Phra Sing temple in Chiang Mai – Yes, thank you for reminding me of the name. I visited so many Wats I mix them up. I do know that Wat Umong is a favorite with it’s underground tunnels. Sonkran is only one month away. Have fun!!

  • Konrad Braun

    I never was in Chiang Mai during Songkran, but we were in Krabi. We got drenched pretty good a time or two. What a lovely culture 😀

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