Heavans at Dawn

Heavans at Dawn-Joshua Trees National Park

Bleary Eye’d in the Joshua Tree Desert

It’s exciting for me when I get on the road for a photo adventure! The juices kick in and I end up driving all night. This particular winter night I arrived at Joshua Trees N.P. somewhere after 3 AM and went in search of Jumbo Rocks for some milky way photography practice. Found em… played around there and then up the road a piece. Now I was in the middle of large oddly contorted joshua trees with the milky way brighy shining above. That was fun and I’m tired!

No Sleeping Yet-Dawn Ahead!

Not only was I committed to stay up and photograph sunrise, I was going to do it at the cholla cactus garden. It gives me warm tinglies being in the presence of well backlit cholla cactus! They have so many stickery thorns and I just love the way they light up in a radiant glow when the sunlight behind them is low, weak and warm. This was also my first time using a new 75mm f1.8 prime on my Olympus EM-1. Gordon Laing, over at CameraLabs.com, gives it a “definitely worth having, super sharp and bright,” thumbs up! that’s not really his quote but that’s how I received it. Turns out it is a great lens and I’m so happy I got it! I love it and use it for my large detailed panoramas or portraits with lovely bokeh.

During Blue Hour the Landscape Changes Quick

The photo above I stopped to take during blue hour. When the milky way photography was done I was driving out to the cholla cactus garden. It was blue hour and suddenly, the expanding light of the approaching sun below the horizon seemed to explode in the distance in contrast to the still starry night above. It looked delicious! The Jeep came to a quick stop and tripod was setup to catch that if I could.

For me, at the time, it was a new way of looking at the whole blue/golden-hour-sunise thing.

This is a 30 second exposure, ISO 3200, f2.8. Processed in Lightroom and Topaz ReStyle.

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