How to Photograph Death Valley

Want Great Photos from your next Death Valley trip? Here are the top two tips when you want something special in your vacation photos at majestic locations like Death Valley. Tip #1: Stay away in [...]

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Photographing the Full Moon

  Three days prior to the full moon of each month, an alarm goes off on my iPhone as a reminder.  It’s really cute.  The app plays the sound byte from the Apollo moon landing back in [...]

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Garden of The Gods Family Excursion

Do You Have a Wall for this print? What a fun few acres of land Garden of the Gods is!  The rock formations here are amazing, just like in other parts of the Southwest.  Odd rocks and roots and [...]

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Bayon Temple – Sunrise Reflection

Get your epic print of Bayon temple today! Early Morning at Bayon is Magical   It’s quite a moving experience to be at Bayon temple first thing in the morning. Getting there before [...]

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Topaz Labs to Release Detail 3 Plugin

Sneak Peek of Topaz Detail 3   An email from Topaz Labs the other day offering me a sneak peek at the new Detail 3 plugin was intriguing.  Detail 2 is a plugin I use occasionally, although [...]

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